Strategic Planning for Section 614

Columbia Basin ASQ Section 0614 strives to provide regular meetings, site visits, educational opportunities, certification/recertification support, and more to a large and sparsely populated region of Washington and Oregon. As such, we recognize that not all of our members can make it to a central location for membership meetings. Our Section is committed to providing services and opportunities to participate for all members. To that end, we try to offer some site visits in different areas, when possible, and we communicate regularly with members through our monthly newsletters and other information posted on our website. As an all-volunteer organization, we recognize that members have buy lives and other commitments, including work, family, and leisure. We want our Section to be a part of our members' lives, but not a burden.

As such, the following services and activities are our priorities:

  1. Regular communications with members about meetings, annual elections, and other section-related event
  2. Monthly newsletter, with articles and information about quality-related topics, workshops, etc.
  3. Monthly general membership meetings from September through May, including approximately two site visits per year. Note: these meetings generally occur in the Tri Cities (Richland WA) but meetings and site visits at locations away from the Tri Cities are encouraged, as supported by local volunteer efforts.
  4. Resource assistance, including helping members find ASQ or other training to meet their/their organization's needs, and referrals to the appropriate individuals at ASQ relative to certification/recertification questions.

Our Section also recognizes diversity of opinions and interests among our members. We strive to offer a variety of topics in the newsletter and membership meetings throughout the year. If an interest is expressed by a Section member to put forth a specific topic in the Quality Body of Knowledge, we will strive to support scheduling and providing a venue for such a topic, depending on general applicability to the majority of our section members.

Volunteers to participate on the leadership team are always welcome. The leadership team meets at least once a quarter or more often as needed, and also communicates regularly between formal meetings. We strive to meet the minimum requirements established by ASQ for maintenance of Section status. We also set Section objectives and goals that well exceed the minimum. Taking on additional actions based on member needs/requests is dependent on continued voluntary support from our members.